Immersive digital branding designed for your unique audience.

Helping clients navigate and leverage emerging technologies, BBPG and ABB make it simple to integrate and optimize your online presence. Through our flexible digital service model, we can give you end-to-end website and social media development, handle platform and audience management, or simply provide content marketing strategies to implement independently. We’ll work with you to assess your level of digital fluency before selecting the optimal solutions for your project.

- End-to-end website development + management

- Author-to-audience engagement strategies + interactive campaigns

- Digital footprint analysis + consultation

- SEO research + strategies

- Social media platform design + management

- Social media content + advertising development

- Content creation + editorial support for websites, blogs, newsletters, and more

- E-commerce consultation + development

- One-on-one digital training workshops


Sharing your unique story starts with engaging your audienceand a strong digital presence is the key to creating influential, integral connections with readers, retailers, and the media. To get started, contact us for pricing and more information.

We offer Basic, Intermediate, and Deluxe site packages, and each option is scalable and will be tailored to your needs. We make it simple to develop, optimize, and expand your audience and marketplace impact with turnkey site development led by a talented, highly experienced team of creatives. All packages include:

- Domain selection and management

- Seamless, end-to-end design, visual, and content development

- Hosting and security services

- eCommerce functionalities

- Custom SEO, mobile-ready features, and social media connectivity

- Admin accessible platform options

If you're not sure about your website needs and prioritiesjust ask our team! We’ll schedule a consultation to assess the scope and complexity of your needs and help you determine the service configuration that best suits your project, and we can accommodate diverse auxiliary options that can be added to the core features within our web packages (a la carte offerings may be priced separately from your selected package). Your site can be further customized with options including but not limited to:

- Advanced SEO

- Advanced visual asset development

- Lead generation and content management tools

- Ghostwriting services for blogs

- Content migration from existing external websites


Results-driven digital strategies are not built on a one-size-fits-all approach, and the social media services delivered by ABB are configured on a per-client basis to align with your needs. To learn more and establish a social media solution that’s right for your project, contact us for pricing and more information.

Our social media packages are built for flexibility and can be customized for your unique needs. Package provisions include but are not limited to:

- Existing platform audit and online footprint evaluation

- End-to-end platform setup

- Social media ‘playbooks’ built for your specific project

- Daily/weekly/monthly content development

- Customized editorial calendars

- Audience targeting and marketing/advertising initiatives

- Blog and newsletter development

- eCommerce consultation

- One-on-one training sessions

We’ll collaborate with you to select the suite of services that’s optimal for your lifestyle, favorite platforms, management needs, engagement objectives, and overall digital fluency. Our scalable options range from full-service platform management to basic content advisory, depending on the author’s preferred level of involvement.