| Current Openings I

MANAGING EDITOR: BBPG is seeking a full-time Managing Editor to assist in leading our publishing and production process, with a primary focus on manuscript development, editing/proofing, project management, freelancer/vendor coordination, and related core competencies. Applicants should have an editorial background with an emphasis on copywriting/proofing, and prior project/team management experience in a deadline-driven environment is preferred. Ideal candidates will have pre-existing relationships in the publishing industry, and/or an exceptional aptitude for building sustainable working relationships. Professionals with editorial experience outside of book publishing are welcome, and BBPG will consider candidates who have excelled in content development for periodicals, technical/educational/industry-specific publishers, digital/multi-media publishers, and/or other relevant organizations.

To apply, please submit your resume and a letter of interest to:

PR/MARKETING ASSOCIATE: BBPG is seeking a full-time PR/Marking Associate to join our media and marketing subsidiary, The Agency at Brown Books (ABB). Key responsibilities will include campaign research, media/marketing copy development, internal data aggregation, project management assistance, and engagement in diverse client/team initiatives. Applicants should excel at meeting time-sensitive project needs, thrive on effectual organization, have strong communication skills, and be adept at multi-platform social media engagement. Ideal candidates will have prior professional experience in PR/marketing that includes writing press materials, effective brand content creation, and maintaining relationships with media. An educational background in the field is preferred.

To apply, please submit your resume and a letter of interest to:

| Freelance Opportunities I

BBPG maintains relationships with hundreds of the most talented, experienced, and credentialed writers and editors in the nation. If you would like to be considered for freelance opportunities, please send your resume and letter of inquiry to

| Internships I

  • ACCOUNTING INTERNSHIP: BBPG is seeking an accounting intern with organizational and computer skills. Proficiency with QuickBooks Online strongly preferred. This detail- and data-oriented position involves assisting with invoice preparation, balancing accounts, and helping with warehousing and distribution of Brown Books titles. Applicants interested in a varied daily routine and a rich learning experience with accounting applied are encouraged to send a resume and letter of interest to
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERNSHIP: BBPG is seeking a graphic design intern who is knowledgeable in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to join our team. The position involves working one on one with the rest of the design team, helping lay out the interior of books, designing concepts for covers, and doing some social media work. Please email any inquires, a resume, and samples of your work to
  • EDITORIAL INTERNSHIP: BBPG is seeking qualified candidates to apply for one of our highly sought-after editorial internships. This is an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door and to gain book publishing experience in general. The editorial internship is a three-month, part-time, unpaid position and can be used for school credit. Experience is not required, but a passion for books, publishing, and the written word will make you a good candidate. Each applicant will undergo an interview and testing process, that focuses on the elements of the Chicago Manual of Style. It is not easy to gain entry, as our standards are high, and we are interested in the best and the brightest. Those interested are encouraged to send a resume and letter of interest to
  • PR INTERNSHIP: ABB is seeking a Public Relations intern who is knowledgeable about PR with a strong emphasis on social media. Basic knowledge of public relations from prior studies, internships or volunteer work, strong research, writing, interpersonal, organizational, computer skills and knowledge of social media including Facebook, Twitter and blogs are very important. If you would like to apply for one of our highly coveted internship positions, please send a letter of inquiry, resume, and recommendation letter to