Founded in 1994 by award-winning entrepreneur, author, and publisher Milli Brown, Brown Books Publishing Group (BBPG) ushered in a New Era in Publishing® as The First Hybrid Publisher™. Through the company's Relationship Publishing® business model, Milli and BBPG introduced authors to a better, more profitable way to publish by empowering them to retain the rights to their work.

Today, our company is recognized as one of the most successful independent publishing houses in the country, and in 2020, Publishers Weekly named BBPG a Top-5 Fast-Growing Independent Publisher for a third consecutive year.

BBPG's ground-breaking platform was designed for an author-first approach that combines the quality and experience of a major publisher with the ownership and financial advantages of self-publishing. The cornerstone of our company is authentic, dynamic relationships with our authors, and this collaborative process delivers top-tier books that meet, and often exceed, the production quality of traditionally published titles. More importantly, we give authors an advantage traditional publishers can't—the opportunity to be directly involved in the publication of their work.  

With a full-service model that seamlessly merges our industry expertise with the author's vision, we turn concepts into market-ready content, and our elite team provides vertically integrated editorial, design, production, distribution, fulfillment, and retail services. BBPG also offers turnkey cross-promotion through The Agency at Brown Books (ABB). ABB's scalable marketing, media, and PR services catalyze book-to-brand conversion, and the firm's customized campaigns help authors achieve their own success story.

Our end-to-end solutions have drawn a prestigious list of authors that includes New York Times bestsellers, Pulitzer Prize finalists, and more. Our books consistently garner high-profile recognition, earning numerous awards including the Independent Publisher Book Award, the Moonbeam Children's Book Award, the ForeWord Indies Book of the Year Award, the Gold Ink Award, and the National Indie Excellence Award. In addition, our books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

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How Does Relationship Publishing® Benefit Authors?

We pioneered Relationship Publishing® to give authors the retail access and advantages of traditional publishing, combined with the profitability and creative control of self-publishing, and our model was developed to deliver critical advantages including:

Our authors receive the majority of the profits from their book sales, keeping 70% of the revenue on every copy sold.

In the traditional publishing model, authors receive an avg. of 7% to 9% of the revenue for each copy soldand that’s only after the publisher has recouped their advance.

BBPG authors always retain the rights to their workand enjoy the perks of being part of the end-to-end creative process.

Under a royalty contract with a traditional publisher, authors are required to give up the rights to their work, losing all or the majority of their creative control.

We offer full-service distribution backed by a sales force, placing our books in all major wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

BBPG delivers the same level of global distribution provided by traditional publishers, offering full market access that isn’t available to self-published authors.

What Makes Our Model Different?

At BBPG, authors get the production and distribution quality of a major publisherbut they never have to give up the rights to their work to work with us. We are foundationally different from our competitors because our model was designed for an author-first approach that includes: