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Introducing The Agency at Brown Books

The Brown Books Agency

Introducing the first fully integrated lifeline for your book, your brand and your business. Discover your success story with the industry's most progressive platform for cross-promotion, The Agency at Brown Books!
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Garnering glowing praise from educators at Stanford University, the experts at Live Happy, and many more, Susie Wolbe, Ed.D, delivers mindful solutions for modern students with The Empowered Teacher: Proven Tips for Classroom Success.

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Ranking first among Amazon New Releases in three categories, the second edition of Wounded Tiger became a bestseller in less than 24 hours. Launched Dec. 2016 to honor the seventy-fifth commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day, Wounded Tiger shares the compelling true story of Mitsuo Fuchida, the Japanese pilot who led the surprise attack on American soil in World War II. Fuming with hatred for Americans and a strong sense of national and racial pride, Fuchida allows an intense passion and determination to lead him through the ranks of the Japanese Navy and reaches a position he always knew he would achieve.

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Award Winning Brown Books Authors Brown Books Fills a gap in publishing

 “Her model is unique. She is ahead of her time in some ways. Her business is a hybrid, far more hands-on than self-publishers. Her operation is more akin to a tradition publisher in terms of distribution, marketing and publicity. You still have to have al those back-end things happen.”   George Slowick, president, Publishers Weekly

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