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Yahoo as a web directory that was founded in 1994 in the United States. This platform became well known and had more than 7,000 million visits per month. Despite what happened, it is still one of the largest companies, it is still dedicated to offering internet services. The company has a web search engine that directs you to all the pages that you like or that you have searched for. It has a directory, it also allows us to create and enjoy the email service to take advantage of what is known as Yahoo mail.


This Web directory, which at the time was one of the most famous, became a content portal since Google went live and became so famous, leaving Yahoo behind. Yahoo serves millions of people with its email services, this is one of the platforms with the most registered users, being the third, behind Gmail and Outlook. We know that the number of subscribers on the page has decreased over time, but still many people want to be part of it if they are not already part of it.

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Yahoo mail login

Yahoo mail login from PC or laptop.

To be able to access Yahoo from your computer or any other mobile device you have to go to the official site . Below we explain in more detail how to correctly login to your Yahoo account.

  • Go to the official site.
  • Enter the Yahoo! email address, in the first field and press "NEXT".
  • In case you can't remember the email address, click on " Forgot your username?" and follow the instructions that will be given to you to be able to recover your access data.
  • In the next field, enter the password, which is the key that you linked to the ID at the time of registration, and press " SIGN IN ".
  • The site will direct you to
  • Then to enter the inbox, you must access the address,

Yahoo mail login from Android or IOS.

To log into your email account from any Android, iOS or Windows Phone mobile device, you must follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Yahoo Mail application and install it on your device.
  • Open the application and start the login by clicking "Sign in with Yahoo".
  • Enter your email address and press " Next ".
  • Enter the password and press " Login ".
  • You will then be directed directly to your email inbox from the application.

Yahoo mail login from Windows 10 or other versions

Windows is the operating system most used in computers and that is why if we want to talk about the ways in which we can enjoy our Yahoo mail account, it was necessary to mention this way, you will not need to install anything in Windows, a section of Mail ready to be configured, from which you can synchronize all your email accounts, including Yahoo Mail, to achieve this, just follow the instructions below:

Steps to configure my mail in Windows:

  • Open the Mail section in Windows and click the Introduction option
  • Given the option to add account +
  • Select the Yahoo Mail option
  • Enter your email account details required
  • Enjoy your email easily from Windows

Other services can be logged by Yahoo.

By logging in to your Yahoo! You will automatically have access to other services, among them we highlight:

  1. Yahoo Sports
  2. Yahoo Mail
  3. Yahoo Finance
  4. Yahoo Groups
  5. Yahoo Answers
  6. Yahoo Search Engine
  7. Yahoo Antivirus
  8. Yahoo Ads
  9. Yahoo plus
  10. Yahoo Tv
  11. Yahoo Celebrity
  12. Apps for Yahoo Mobile

If you want to check the complete list of services, you just have to enter the following address Apart from all the services that Yahoo has, you can also access a range of options within email. You have the possibility to create "disposable" email addresses from the Mailboxes preferences to subscribe to a service, in addition, you have a whopping 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) of space available for your mail, not bad, right?

Intuitive features of  Yahoo Mail

Keep in mind that Yahoo Mail, which has been growing over the years, since despite not being one of the most used in the world, has a large number of users and very good services. For example, when you use it in the web version from your computer, you can easily locate the messages, which are organized by folders, whether sent, received, or spam, among others.

Another option that it offers you is to use a preview so that you can see the inbox and the mail that have been sent to you at the same time, you can mark the messages or assign them to the categories that you think are more convenient, you can add emails from others accounts so that you can check them from your Yahoo!, as well as create auto-responses for those days that you cannot answer your mail. Without a doubt, it offers a large number of important benefits for each of its users and above all you can use it totally free.


Security tips for Yahoo mail login

By logging in to Yahoo! it is necessary to provide personal information. For this reason, you should take into account some tips in order to maintain the security of your account and prevent other people from having access to it.

It is very important that when you log in to you deactivate the option " Do not log out " or "Stay connected" if you access from a device that is not yours. If you don't take this precaution, any user could see your email inbox, even if you close the browser window.

Change your password periodically, increasing security by combining symbols, letters or numbers that make it difficult to access the account. In case you have a bad memory or cannot remember it, use services like LastPass or 1Password, which will help you save and manage passwords for countless digital services.

Install an antivirus / antimalware that prevents access to computer programs designed to capture everything you type (including passwords), they are called "keyloggers".

Make use of Yahoo's disposable email option if the service you sign up for does not give you reliability. Always keeping these tips in mind, you can log into Yahoo! without difficulty

Frequent problems of Yahoo mail

You may find that when trying to access your Yahoo mail account, some problems appear that can be solved easily. The most common problems are:

Forgotten password: if you don't remember the password, you can always recover it. Perform the following steps:

  • Look in the login area for the option “Do you have problems logging in?”, Press it.
  • Enter the email or phone number linked to your account. Press “Send”.
  • You will receive a code by SMS or a link via email, enter the code from the message or click on the link in the email.
  • You can then define a new password and restore access to your account.

Another email address appears: if when entering the service another email address that does not belong to you appears, this will mean that someone else used your device to log in and the account had been stored. Press “Isn't it you?” To fix the problem and enter your own email address.

Forget Yahoo mail password

We often hear this phrase, I forgot the password or my access data to my Yahoo account, do not worry this is a more common problem than you imagine for Yahoo Mail users and in general Internet services have options for us to recover it and Yahoo is no exception, so let's get to work to get our account back!

The first thing we must do is go to the Yahoo Mail website:

Enter the option Do you need help?

Your next task will be to find and click on the option whose name is “Do you need help? ", Which will take you to the " I don't remember my password " option.

Next steps to recover my Yahoo Mail account:

The platform will ask you to enter one of the following information: "Yahoo login", "Recovery phone number" and "Recovery email address". Entering one of these three data will be enough to recover your password.

If you select "Recovery phone number", you have to enable the receipt of a text message with a validation code. When you receive the sms, enter it in the login wizard and click "Verify". Then select the email address to retrieve and press where it says "Continue". In this way, you will have logged into your account and will be able to define a new password.

If you select "Recovery email address", click on the option that asks for authorization to send a password recovery code to the trusted account. The message will be labeled with the subject "Regain access to your Yahoo account. "

Enter the number you received and then click "Verify" and "Continue."

Secret questions to recover Yahoo mail.

There is an additional alternative linked to the security questions, which will only appear if at the time of creating the aforementioned account, you took the trouble to provide that information. If this is your case, in the wizard looks for "I have a problem with my password", enter your Yahoo ID and click on "Next". Then you have to look for the option "Use my secret questions" and click "Next". If you answer it correctly, the email platform will enable you to create a new password.

The advantage of Yahoo over other platforms is that it allows you to recover an account even if you don't remember the ID or its password, since the phone number will suffice.

Security recommendations for Yahoo mail

  • Let's change our Yahoo password periodically.
  • Let's enable two-step verification.
  • We update the contact security questions.
  • Try to have a unique password for each Internet service you use.
  • Let's avoid clicking on suspicious links or opening attachments from unknown senders.
  • Let's delete the messages we don't need.
  • If your Yahoo account has been compromised and you use this as a recovery email for other services, then change it.
  • If your account numbers or bank cards have been or you think they may have been compromised, contact your bank so they can guide you in what to do.


Yahoo Mail is one of the mail services that has been on its shoulders for the longest time and one of those that to this day surprises us with what it has to offer, Despite not having as many users as Gmail or Outlook, the truth is that it has little or nothing to envy as a free Email service, and the features it offers are very good, for example in terms of free storage available this service far exceeds Gmail or Outlook, being that storage is one of the most important when choosing to opt for a mail service of the many that are currently offered.