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Hotmail is a Free Webmail service that was later rebranded as On July 4th, 1996 Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith Launched later acquired by Microsoft.Microsoft used hotmail as their primary webmail service.

Within the first year, over 8.5 million users create hotmail account which was pretty remarkable considering a very small ratio of people used to have internet service back in 1997. In 3 years with all its ups and down as a pioneer of Worldwide web messenger, became the world's largest webmail service platform.

Hotmail Initially used as a medium to send and receive text messages from around the globe. Hotmail started to incorporate and collaborate with other Microsoft products like Skype (Video Calling App), OneDrive (File Sharing App), MS Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint Presentation, Paint), IMS, etc.


These collaborations not only helped onboard Microsoft users to use to sign up for their official email addresses but also gave them ease of accessibility and better integration among other apps than competitor webmail service platforms. No other email service platform has all these features inter-connected as Microsoft Suite of Products.

How to Signup Hotmail account?

To sign up for Hotmail account, you first need an updated version of your favorite internet browser. You can choose any of the following internet browsers:(Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. Some users may also like to use Safari or Brave browsers etc).

  1. Open internet browser, Navigate to the URL Bar and enter "" The following window will appear
  2. To SignUp hotmail account, you have to navigate down and click the option "Create Free Account".

  3. Here you have to type your New Email Address for Hotmail/outlook. Click Next

  4. Now create your new password for your Hotmail account.Click Next

  5. Now Hotmail ask for first name and last name. click next

  6. Provide your date of birth. If a child uses this device, select their date of birth to create child account.

  7. Security Verification: To make sure no bot goes through the process of creating a Hotmail account, you will have to pass a security verification. Just follow the given instructions and pick, choose, and select the given object depending on your verification process.

  8. Mobile Verification: To ensure the authenticity and security purpose of your Hotmail account, you will have to go through Mobile Verification. Just enter your Phone Number and Hotmail will send you a 6 or 8 Digit Code. Enter the code in the given box and verify your Mobile Number with your Hotmail account.

  9. Terms and Conditions: Read all the terms and conditions carefully and tick "I Agree" and then hit Enter!

  10. You will receive email on your new Hotmail email address indicating that you have successfully created and signed up for hotmail. Enjoy using Hotmail/Outlook with all its built-in and integrated features and Apps connected to Microsoftaccount. vs

Along with all the integrations Microsoft had with Hotmail, one of the most significant alterations was a rebrand of as So Hotmail nowadays is also known as


Hotmail allows you to access your inbox from anywhere across the globe. Following this guide, you can now effectively perform Hotmail account Sign up. You may as of now notices that signup to Hotmail is an incredibly easy task. All you need to do is provide your required info thats it

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