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AOL Mail Login - AOL Mail -

AOL Mail is a webmail service provided by American Online(AOL) for free.AOL mail support 54 languages. The official URL of AOL mail is This mailing service still online and allows a new user to register. It has a Proprietary type of Content license.

If the AOL mail account is inactive for 90 days, it will automatically be deactivated, and after 180 of inactivity, the account may be deleted.TO Prevent this issue check your email once every month.


AOL Mail Features.

  1. The max limit of mailbox allows by AOL MAil is 4,000 old messages, 1,000 new messages, and 4,000 send messages per screen.

  2. Max data of 250 GB is permitted.

  3. It allows 25 MB attachment limit for email.

  4. POP3, IMAP, SMTP are supported protocols by AOL MAil.

  5. IT enables users to link with other service providers like Hotmail or Gmail.

  6. AOL mail has advance Spam and Virus filers. It disables the embedded link from the email to prevent spam. only email users can activate it.

  7. It displays ads while using AOL Services.

  8. User can select suffix of email among,,,, and

  9. After login, it supports HTTPS/SSL.

AOL Mail login

If You already have an AOL mail account and you want to login to your account that exists. Follow the steps to log in.

  1. Visit and click on Mail. Placed in the left navigation menu of the page. or visit directly from here AOL Mail login.

  2. It displays the Login page.

  3. Locate text field and Enter "Username or Email" and click the Next button.

  4. Note: If check "Stay Signed in" if you want to stay logged in later.

  5. It will verify your email and navigate you to the password page.

  6. Here! You have to provide a password. It validates your password and navigates you to the dashboard of webmail.

Sign up With AOL Mail.

  1. Open a Web browser and search for AOL mail. Now click on "AOL Mail -". you will redirect to the login page of AOL mail.

  2. Have a look at the URL to avoid any issues, URL must (by OR you can Directly visit the Login page from here "AOL mail login"

  3. Locate and click on "Create an Account". It will redirect you to the signup page. Now provide requird information

    1. First name: Enter your First name.

    2. Last name: Enter your Last name.

    3. Email: Try to Enter the unique email address which you want to create as your mail.

    4. Password: Choose a Strong Alpha-numeric password.

    5. Mobile no: Choose your country code and enter your mobile phone number.

    6. Date of birth: Select your birth month and enter the day and year in both text fields.

    7. Gender: It's optional to provide your gender.

  4. Click on the continue button for the next step.

  5. Enter your zip code in the required field.

  6. Now Select a security question that helps to recover your account later.

  7. Now Enter your phone number with your country code.

  8. Pass the text captcha if you have any problem with which text or image you can use the audio version of the captcha.

  9. Now verify your verification number which was received on your given phone number and click submit button.

  10. Now Enter your phone number with your country code.

AOL Mail Forgot Password.

If you want to reset your password, you need to access your recovery email or phone. Follow the steps and recover your password.

  1. Visit AOL MAil login page.

  2. Provide Username or Email and click the next button.

  3. The password page displayed. locate and click "Forgot Password?".

  4. Select your recovery method.

  5. It asks will send eight digits verification code to your selected recovery method.

  6. Provide the verification code in the required field.

  7. Now It asks about new you have to Enter your new password and retype the password and continue.

  8. You have successfully changed your password.


  • What does AOL Stand for?
    AOL stands for (America Online) because it’s an American online web portal. which is frequently providing its services all over the world.ita based in new york city.

  • Does AOL Mail still exist in 2023?
    Yes, AOL is still available in 2023. infect Its grew up and become more comfortable and commonly used mailing service.

  • Is AOL MAil Free discontinued?
    The company is discontinuing its free services slowly if you are a desktop user, but AOL mailing service which is provided by is not discontinuing.which is alternate to AOL Desktop.

  • How to login AOL mail?
    Just open your web browser and type in address bar and search. Now click on the mail icon and provide your email and password and tap sign in if your account exists it.

  • Is Anyone Use AOL?
    Yes, AOL mail has millions of users every year. its is frequently used emailing service.

  • Is AOL Safe and secure?
    AOL only asks you some security questions. It does not support two-step verification and does not have any phishing or suspicious mail detection engine to avoid spam.

  • What is the problem with AOL Mail?
    When you miss any email in AOL Mail. its occur due to messages goes to any wrong folder or make sure your account is active.if its occur, check other folders check also spam mails.

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