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Ebby Halliday Cover  

Milli and her team are the real deal ... I have done eight books with her, and every title has been excellent ... Three of the books I did with BBPG were picked up 'as is' by major trade book publishers in New York!
— Dr. Jeffrey Magee, Best-selling Author & Publisher of Performance/P360 Magazine



Ebby Halliday Cover  

Thank you, Milli, for your fascinating presence in our board room for lunch today and for bringing your talented associates. You are a delight and we so appreciate all the work with the book (best seller!!!)…With fondest wishes and great gratitude!
— The late Ebby Halliday, Founder and Chairman of Ebby Halliday, REALTORS



Rob Tenery, M.D. Cover  

Yesterday I received a call that I had been waiting on since we (Brown Books and I) began our collaboration on my book, Dr. Mayo's Boy (DMB). I must confess it was a call about which I had much reservation, because it was from David Groff, my first editor. As background, David has been in the editing business since coming out of college and until about ten years ago worked for Crown Publishing as had his mother before him. Now, as an independent editor and a national prize winning poet in his own right, he has a small but very successful group of authors he works with. One of his most recognizable efforts is Homer Hickam's Rocket Boys. Almost eight years ago, he agreed to critique a draft of my first manuscript as a favor for a mutual friend. Not unexpectedly, his review was not good, but he did send along an eight page single spaced response as to what I might do to transform my manuscript into a potential, workable piece. Six months later, I sent him back a totally rewritten work. I don't know if it was because of my improvement born out of his suggestions or he admired my perseverance, but he agreed to take me under his wing, so-to-speak. Incidentally, Dr. Mayo's Boy is our third collaboration. The other two are waiting to be published, dependent on the success of DMB.

Now, the reason for this response to you. Prior to signing on with Brown, David and I had a long conversation about how I should try to get my work presented to the public. Being steeped in the conventional 'New York' publishing business all his professional life, he was reluctant to see me sign on. I vividly remember in one of our final conversations his quote: "I can spot a book that was not done by one of the big boys in a second."

His first comments out of the box were: "I love your book. It reads beautifully. The binding. The layout. The paper. The cover with its embossing. I am so impressed. This is one of the best put-together books I have seen in a long time." I followed with telling him that at Brown this book was really a collaborative effort. Sometimes we didn't always agree, but somehow we worked out a solution that was often better than either of the original suggestions. He said, "the publishing business is changing and the big houses more often are not listening to their authors and that is unfortunate."

I wanted to share the news with my partners at Brown and say hats off to ALL of you who worked so hard to turn out a product of which we can be proud.
— Rob Tenery, M.D., author of Dr. Mayo’s Boy

Dear Milli:

Today marks an important milestone for me, both personally and professionally. With the incredible support of the Brown Books team, I am now a published author. When I started on this project I thought that was a bit of a pipe dream, but you believed in what I was working on from the beginning and that made all of the difference in the world.

When you first read a draft of what became Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal I am sure you thought it was a challenging combination of a business book, a personal memoir, and a treatise on civics in America. In this context, “challenging” means “I wonder if this can become a real book?” But your editorial team gave me the advice and direction I needed to turn it into a successful, cohesive story about the lessons we must learn to improve the quality of life in our communities. The team went several steps further to edit the details in a thoughtful way, design a cover that captures people’s attention, and provide the marketing support that is generating some nice reviews. Along the way, the support team provided me with everything I needed to move through the process with relatively few bumps along the way.

I am most grateful that you responded to my original email and took the time to understand my goals and objectives. I want to thank Janet, Cathy, Omar, Kathy, Danny, Derek, Judy, and the entire Brown team for their support, guidance, and patience. You truly put the author’s needs at the center of what you do and that made this entire effort possible.

With sincere thanks and best regards,

— Robbie Bach, author of Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal


Paul Spiegelman Cover

Dear Milli,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the wonderful book publishing experience I had with Brown Books. As a first-time author, every part of the process was new to me, and your team of passionate coworkers led me every step of the way.

You’ve built a great business model that allows authors like me to get a book published, but retain the rights and control over its distribution. I look forward to the benefits that the book will bring, and I hope that it helps other business leaders in their own companies.

Best regards,
Paul Spiegelman, author of Why Is Everyone Smiling?
Founder and CEO–Beryl


If you are seriously considering writing a book, let me refer you to the lady that published mine. Her name is Milli Brown, and she is the owner of Brown Books Publishing. She took my manuscript and converted it into Billionaire Secrets to Success. We are now in our third printing—so she knows her “stuff.”

I have met plenty of people in the publishing business since Milli published my book in 2005. I can personally tell you that her quality is superb. She has a professional staff that will walk you through the steps.

No, Milli does not pay me for endorsements—I give them rarely and only when well deserved.
  The late Bill Bartmann, author of Billionaire Secrets to Success
“Billionaire Business Coach”

After exhausting many possibilities with traditional publishers, I discovered Brown Books here in Dallas, Texas. Brown markets themselves as “The New Era in Publishing.” Their company creates a bridge between traditional publishing and self-publishing. You pay publishing costs yourself as in self-publishing, yet they provide the benefits of traditional publishing. In fact, they were the only independent publishing company I found with the professional standards of traditional publishers. Brown offers the highest quality expertise, has a personal relationship with Ingram distribution, and your books will be acceptable for major book stores (unlike self-published books).

I was very happy with their work. Their editing is outstanding. Their layout design is jaw-dropping.

I was so happy with their work, I just submitted my second manuscript, Body Redesign: Goal-Setting Secrets for a Happier, Thinner You.
— Dr. Annette Colby, RD, author of Your Highest Potential and Body Redesign

Beginning with my introductory appointment, your entire team has been helpful, professional, competent, and honest. I never felt like I was being oversold or pressured. Your staff’s expert guidance kept the project on track and moving in the right direction.

Thanks again for a great product. Here’s to our mutual success!

—Mark Rice, author of Downtown Dallas

Dear Milli,
Thanks to you and the “dream team” at Brown Books for being as excited as I am about my first book, When Reality Hits: What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know.  Your entire team took me under their wing and held my hand throughout the entire publishing process.  They always made me feel as though I was the only author they were working with at the time, and I will be forever grateful.

When I began my search for a publisher, so many people said, “Have you talked to Brown Books?”  “Have you met with Milli Brown?”  There must have been ten people who recommended I visit you. 

After my first meeting with you and Kathryn, I knew Brown Books was the publishing company for me.  I loved your passion and knew it was just the beginning of a wonderful relationship.Again, many thanks for everything.  It was a pleasure working with you and your entire team.  Now every time someone who is writing a book asks me about the publishing process, I’m the one who says, “You really need to meet with Milli Brown.  Brown Books Publishing is the best!”
— Nancy Barry, author of When Reality Hits: What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know

Milli, have you ever gone into a bookstore and wondered what it takes to put a book together? Of course you haven’t, you’re a publisher, but, I have.

Have you ever wondered how quickly an author could bring a high quality book to market starting with just a thought on a napkin? Yes? Well, wonder no more.

Last one, have you ever tried to figure out the most important part of a business? I’ll bet you have.

What do all of these questions have to do with anything? I’ll tell you.

You and your wonderful group of people know what it takes to bring a high quality book to market in the shortest amount of time possible. I started writing in June of 2005 and we had an unbelievably good book with the most exciting cover I’ve seen, finished in December 2005. We then got a 5-star review from in January 2006. That’s incredible!

Wait, there’s more! I had a speaking engagement in Dallas in January of 2006, which resulted in me being offered an opportunity to be a commentator for a poker tournament to be televised in August. Also in January of 2006, I have been asked to host a weekly radio show “Beyond the Table.” Pretty cool, huh?

You have surrounded yourself with the most important element of any good business, great people. From bottom to top, all of your people treated me as if I were their only client. From cover design, interior design, all stages of editing, printing and marketing, everyone is excellent, and I believe they are truly excited to see me succeed. What a great feeling that is.
— Tom Schneider, Oops! I Won Too Much Money, Winning Wisdom from the Boardroom to the Poker Table

“…a publishing house with heart.”
Diana H. Kurlak, author of A Very Good Day and There’s a Mouse in the House.

“The quality at Brown Books can only be described as world class.”
— Ed Smith, author of The Trillion Dollar Insurance Crook

“Even though I wrote each word, shot every photograph, and edited and re-edited countless times, I am still overwhelmed at the finished project.  Thank you.”
— Steve Price, author of Valley of the Big Cats.

“I was able to complete the writing of my book with the confidence and enthusiasm of knowing that my book could, and would, be published, and that with your help, the publishing process would be one that I could easily handle.  And that’s exactly what happened.”
— Steven Lane Taylor, author of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Milli, I wish to congratulate you on the “A-Players” you have assembled on your team at Brown Books. Everyone with whom I have worked is extraordinary, which comes as no surprise, since you are the leader of the team. It is clear you are surrounded by individuals who are passionate about the publishing business, value relationships, and constantly exceed client expectations. What a formula for success!
— The late Kay Holleman, Hiding behind the Mask, In the Corporate Closet with Cancer

I would like to thank you and your staff for the hard work and marvelous job everyone did with bringing my book, Lyndon B. Johnson—Reflections in History: A Personal Collection to publication. The people at Brown Books Publishing Group are absolutely top-notch. I realize, as I had suspected during our first interview, that choosing Brown Books as my publisher was a sound decision.
Dwayne Bridges, Lyndon B. Johnson—Reflections in History: A Personal Collection

The remarkable thing that struck me about Milli was the extraordinary hands-on personal interest she expressed in my work (me—a first time author). The rarity of this in the publishing world is indisputable. The flawless professionalism of Brown Books Publishing remains at the highest echelon. It is a joy to work with a talented team of this caliber.
Stephanie Lisa Tara, I’ll Follow the Moon, Little Library Mouse, Gwynne: Fair & Shining, Snowy White World to Save

During the entire process, (your staff), and you exemplified the professionals that you are. Your insights into this crazy industry, the quality of your work, and your sincere concern for my book gave me the confidence that this would be a successful project. And it has. Thanks.
Bryan Flanagan, Now Go Sell Somebody Something, Inspiration for Salespeople

Speeches that I am going to make will be complimented with a book signing after I talk. I also provide trainings in leadership and I will be using my book to distribute as part of the package that each registrant will receive upon paying their fee. There are so many ways to market your work. But most important for me was to hear that the team at Brown was ready and willing to help me through the publishing maze so that I am ready to roll out my new product in a way that would maximize the benefits to me, my company, and ultimately my customers.
Gary DeCarolis, A View from the Balcony, Leadership Challenges in Systems of Care

From our initial meeting in your office, I felt confident that your organization was the right partner for me. The team has been professional, creative, energetic, and genuinely devoted to the success of the book. For that, you have my respect and appreciation.
Martha Boone Mattia, Conversations with George Bush, Beyond Polls and Partisanship: Real Life in the USA

Milli, just a quick thank you for your letter and for all of the splendid work your team has been doing and continues to do for me. This experience has been very rewarding and infinitely more fun than my first publishing experience—thank you for fulfilling my dreams and expectations of what it is like to be a published author.
Lee Edward Fodi, Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers

When I decided to write A Gift For Girls you were one of the few people I contacted to share my dream of helping young girls reach their full potential. You embraced the project without hesitation and were just as excited and passionate about it as I was. For that, I am extremely grateful.

I am also grateful for the hard work and long hours every single member of your staff devoted to A Gift For Girls. From the cover design to the interior, their suggestions, ideas, and creativity were right on target! Somehow "thank you" hardly seems enough for their expertise, professionalism, and invaluable contributions. But I thank each of them from the bottom of my heart, and I hope they know how much I appreciate their efforts. They're simply the best!

A special thank you also to my editor, Kathryn Grant. Her enthusiam for A Gift For Girls was encouraging and contagious. She also took charge of the project from beginning to end, and paid close attention to every detail—big and small—to make sure A Gift For Girls was the best it could possibly be. I am also grateful to Kathryn for skillfully guiding me through the publishing process. Heaven knows it can be overwhelming, but she made it an easy enjoyable experience!

Again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Brown Books for making a A Gift For Girls a reality. I know the girls who read it will appreciate your effort as much as I do.
— Shirley Washington, author of A Gift for Girls

A program manager from the FamilyNet Network called to say that my interview will be broadcast soon. I want to thank you for making this interview happen. Also, I really appreciated your being at the studio for the taping and for lending your support and personal touch. My entire experience with Brown Books has been a pleasure. You helped me publish my first book, attended my book signings, and have always been so helpful. I'm running out of books, so I want to meet with you soon to have a second printing. I'm also looking forward to talking with you about publishing the next book I'm writing. Thanks again for all of your help.  
— Dr. Terry Parsons, author of The Intimacy Jungle

You have developed a really exciting idea with your two companies, and I'm sure you will be even more successful in the 21st century if that is possible. I think there are a number of ways in which your companies and the SMU Writing Program can be helpful to each other.  
— The late Dr. Barbara Wedgwood, Director, Continuing Studies Creative Writing, Southern Methodist University, editor of Bookmarks

It's very rare that I meet someone with such enthusiasm and straight-forwardness in the publishing business. You seem to be one of the islands in this sea of confusion we call “the book business.”  
— Michael Reisig, author of The Fledgling Author's Handbook

Your letter of congratulations is received with great pride and thanks. My book became a finished product thanks to the professional efforts of the Brown Books staff, i.e., Kathryn, [your designer], and others. The cover design developed by (your designer) is beautiful—great idea on the presentation. The transformation of the text into a “beautiful product” is a tribute to the knowledge of you wonderful people. The term “beautiful product” was conveyed to me by James Brady of Parade magazine, who called me. He was all praise with the end product, and it is his intention to tout the book in a column in Advertizing Age. Again, many thanks, and, of course, it must be only the start of our continued friendship.
— The late Ramon Gibson, author of The Way I Saw It

Thanks so much for your warm welcome and hospitality. I really enjoyed meeting you, your kind staff and your esteemed authors. You are a very professional businesswoman, and I find that very refreshing and inspiring. Please let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you in the future.
— Katie Struckel-Brogan, Editor, Writer's Digest Books

Thank you for helping me turn my book from a good idea into a great one that makes money. Your instructions, suggestions, and directions at every step have been invaluable to my success as an author. You took me by the hand and told me the truth at every step. You never promised me one thing you did not deliver...but you did deliver far more than you promised. Brown Books turned my dreams into reality.  
— Dr. Michael Johnson, author of Susie: the Whispering Horse, The Most Special Person, and Cowboys and Angels

A million thanks for coming on Fox and Friends! The anchors loved your segment, and we had a great reaction from viewers as well.  
— Adam Sank, FOX News


There have been many times since the book's release when people in the publishing world have commented about the professionalism of the physical aspects of the book. The cover design, the cover layout, the printing, the paper quality, the interior layout, and the overall quality have been brought to my attention many times. Of course, without Brown Books, I would not have been able to duplicate all of those home runs.  
— Vincent M. Roazzi, author of The Spirituality of Success

The following are my top ten reasons for appreciating Milli Brown, Kathryn Grant, [your designer] and all the Brown Books staff the way I do:

  1. You set me up with a distribution warehouse to handle book orders.
  2. You made it happen in a timely manner. Five months including shipping from China !
  3. I was included in the whole cover design and inside layout process and you gave me multiple options for each.
  4. You always returned my calls and answered all my questions in a timely fashion (usually within the day if not the hour).
  5. You provided me with professional graphic designers who gave it the professional look I wanted.
  6. You let me maintain control of the book. It is still my property.
  7. You got it into the bookstores for me which is challenging, if not impossible, for most self-published authors.
  8. You patiently guided me through all the steps, everything from obtaining an ISBN number to setting up a sales tax and use permit.
  9. You saved me money. It cost less to hire you and have you set up the printer than to have it printed on my own.
  10. Everyone was professional, courteous, enthusiastic, and patient with me throughout the whole process.

— Jeannette Wright, author of Men Are Dogs



I can't seem to find the right words to express my gratitude for guiding us through the seemingly endless emotion of “author apprehension” in getting our book published. Both Kathryn and [your designer] went the extra mile to assist us in making our book come to fruition. They were professional, focused, and patient with us throughout the whole process. I am extremely pleased with the results.
— Marty Younkin, author of A Wedding Ceremony to Remember

My personal thanks to your cheerful and helpful team for sharing their publishing expertise and making this goal, this dream, come true for me, just as you have for so many others. To Laura, and [your designer], and Kathryn, and to you...Thanks. I know there will be other printings and I look forward to working with you again soon. I wish for you much continued success.  
— Michael York, author of Becoming Uncommon

Words cannot describe the way I am feeling inside, accurately. Therefore, I'm simply saying—thank you, Milli. Thank you for sticking with me through the long ordeal of editing my novel; thank you for doing such a nice job producing it; thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule and driving to Kerrville for the book launch. Thank; thank you; thank you!  
— Hansueli Schlunegger, author of All Acqua


I wanted to write a letter of appreciation for helping me get my book off the ground. My book is being well received and sales are going strong. Your company is top rate in expertise and quality and your staff is excellent to work with. I will highly recommend any of your work to anyone I know who may be in need of professional publishing.  
— Dr. Michael J. Norman

Three-hundred and sixty-five “Thank You's” for being so helpful. You did a very beautiful job in supervising and putting together our perfect bound copies and then a super job with the beautiful hardbacks. When you were up to your eyeballs in alligators you always had time to answer questions and be helpful. Thanks!!  
— The late H.M. “Smoky” Eggers, author of Eagle Scouts in Action


Thank you very much for the excellent job you and your staff did on my book. I want to especially thank you for your sensitivity to my schedule constraints. When we first met, you agreed to my compressed schedule and left me confident that we would achieve that schedule. You not only achieved the schedule, but you exceeded it. Your staff did a great job! I have received numerous compliments on the quality of the product. Thank you again for an incredible job.  
— Zoltan Zsohar, author of Survivng Through Faith



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