Our Model

How Does Relationship Publishing® Benefit Authors?

Our model delivers the retail access and advantages of traditional publishing, combined with the profitability and creative control of self-publishing. At BBPG, authors get the production and distribution quality of a major publisherbut they never have to give up the rights to their work to work with us.

Our authors receive the majority of the profits from their book sales, keeping 70% of the revenue on every copy sold.

In the traditional publishing model, authors receive an avg. of 7% to 9% of the revenue for each copy soldand that’s only after the publisher has recouped their advance.


BBPG authors always retain the rights to their workand enjoy the perks of being a part of the creative process from start to finish.

With a traditional royalty publisher, authors are required to give up all rights, and lose all creative control.


BBPG delivers full-service distribution backed by a national sales force, placing our books in all major wholesale and retail channels.

We deliver the same level of global distribution provided by  traditional publishers, offering full market access that isn’t available to self-published authors.


What Makes Our Model Different?

Our authors retain all rights to their books, earning the majority of the revenue on every copy sold and from foreign, digital, audio, and TV/film rights transactions. BBPG authors have had original series and films picked up by networks and organizations including:

No other publisher of our size boasts a sales force as effective as BBPG's. Our highly experienced team works directly with the largest book buyers, giving our titles global exposure and ensuring our books are on shelves at major retailers including:

With our staff of industry veterans from the 'Big 5' houses, we deliver a seamless editorial, design, and distribution process that is unmatched among indie publishers. That means BBPG gets your book to market faster than a traditional publisher, while still maintaining the same level of production quality. Plus, our sales team will continue to present your book to buyers well beyond the typical three- to six- month push you'll get from a major publisher.

In addition to prime shelf space and placements across the full spectrum of online channels like Amazon, we provide avenues for our books to be distributed internationally, and currently export to more than 30 countries. BBPG also partners with the country's leading education wholesaler to connect our authors and their books with libraries and learning institutions throughout the US and around the globe.