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Self-Made: Generate Your Wealth Like a Millionaire!
By Brian Koslow with Meryl Koslow, D.C.

Self-Made: Generate Your Wealth Like a Millionaire! By Brian Koslow with Meryl Koslow, D.C.

It’s up to you to become a self-made millionaire! Brian Koslow and Dr. Meryl Koslow believe that everyone deserves to achieve financial success. As renowned executive strategy and planning coaches, Brian and Meryl have empowered organizations and individuals around the world to reach their goals. In their new book, Self-Made: How to Generate Your Wealth Like a Millionaire!, they share their strategies for generating incredible wealth.

Where others see struggle, the Koslows see untapped potential. When you open your mind to the possibilities around you, your everyday circumstances become a goldmine of opportunity. Self-Made is a blueprint for achieving wealth beyond your expectations. By adopting the habits of self-made millionaires, you can transform your intentions into reality.

If you want to become a millionaire, the first step is to think like one. Through decades of consulting experience, Brian and Meryl have discovered a common thread among self-made millionaires. Self-Made teaches you how to view the world through a millionaire’s eyes. Three principles allow these individuals to rise above their circumstances and achieve incredible wealth. You’ll learn to adopt a “wealth mind-set,” develop mutually advantageous relationships, and identify opportunities.

An international entrepreneur, Brian Koslow has launched five multimillion-dollar companies. Brian is the founder and president of Strategic Coaching, Inc., a company that provides professional coaching to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and executives. His previous book, 365 Ways to Become a Millionaire (Without Being Born One), is a national bestseller and has been published in six languages. To read more about Brian’s consulting work and speaking engagements, visit

Meryl Koslow, D.C., decided to become a millionaire at the age of twelve. By creating her own opportunities and serving the needs of her community, she achieved that dream by age thirty. Seeking to help others accomplish financial success, Meryl founded Timeline Consulting in 2010. She works with entrepreneurs and organizations to create business plans, implement sales strategies, build positive corporate culture, and improve personal outlook and quality of life. To learn more about Meryl and Self-Made, visit

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